art empowerment for kids

Born in Texas, Krissy has always had a different way of looking at things.  In her first middle school art class when asked to paint a tree limb she asked, "any kind of tree limb?".  The teacher's reply, "yes".  "Really, I can do anything I want?".  An exhasperated, "yes".  Krissy proceeded to paint the most beautiful rainbow colored tree limb she had ever seen, certain she would pass with flying colors.  She turned it in only to fail the assignment.  "Not realistic".  "But wait a minute!  I thought you said ANY tree limb!" Krissy took her assignment home to her mother, obviously downtrodden.  Her mother looked at her picture and the crushed creativity of her young daughter and took the painting straight to the framing store to have it framed.  It still hangs on her mother's wall to this day. This young experience had a significant influence on Krissy's art path. 

Trained at Belmont University and Watkins Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, Krissy continues to paint rainbow branches everywhere she goes.  Thriving on new, innovative, experimental forms of art.  Krissy sees art as something of an experiment in and of itself.  Using found objects, guitar strings, glass, make up, anything inspiring she builds, rips and creates new structures out of canvas and wood.  

After having her first two children and watching their unique creativities bud, Krissy decided it was time to foster an environment that instead of crushing creativity, nurtures it.  In 2003 Krissy opened "Art Empowerment for Kids" in the Glebe and began running classes aimed to inspire, equip and encourage little artists to fully unleash their own inner rainbow branch artist.  With each successful class she fell more and more in love with her job.  She expanded to accommodate more classes and to allow subsidized spaces specifically for inner city kids and began the daunting task of teaching teenagers as well!  Now, relocated in beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, Krissy offers her Art Empowerment for Kids classes out of her home weekday mornings,  Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays starting spring 2010.  She looks forward to meeting and hopefully inspiring the next round of this new generation of artists!

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