art empowerment for kids

 "In our society, at the age of five, 90% of the population measures "high creativity".  By the age of seven, the figure has dropped to 10%.  And the percentage of adults with creativity is only 2%". -Finley Eversole

Art Empowerment was developed around the idea that children's world of art opportunity was almost exclusively limited to two extremes.  On one side is the wonderful world of crafts.  While a fun and important part of every childhood, it leaves the entire rest of the art world virtually undiscovered.  On the other side, the overly serious world of technique, technique, technique which often squelches creativity in search of some elusive form of perfection.  By limiting our children's art education to these two extremes, we fail to give and communicate to our children the skills to create, the passion for creativity, the encouragement of their own self-expression and the fun and importance of art that would enable them to stay at "high levels of creativity".

The theory began..."give a child some real artist's supplies-watercolours, pastels, conte', canvas and let the children experiment, gain confidence and in the end,  they will express themselves creatively through artworks".  The theory proved true!

Free, uninhibited, vibrant, expressive are the works that your child can produce in an encouraging environment with real artist's tools!

Each session highlights one to three of the masters ranging from Pollock to Kahlo.  Students will:  become familiar with great artworks, mimic some of the masters, learn to develop their own opinions on visual art, learn freedom of expression in their own personal art, receive instruction in pencil drawing, paint, colour theory and more.

Most of all, your child will learn that art is fun, important to our world and a valuable means of self-expression!

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